Different Wedding Photography Styles

If you haven’t heard anything about the various wedding photography styles, you shouldn’t worry. You are not alone. The truth is that almost every couple does not know how many various styles of wedding photography are out there.  

However, before you start searching for wedding photographers, it is important for you to understand what photography style you want. Fortunately, we are here to help. Here are several wedding photography styles that wedding photographers OKC use: 


You should consider this style as more of a personality trait instead of a look. It is vital to look for a photographer who defines themselves as an adventurer if you and your partner like to explore and travel and you’re searching for a person who’ll follow you where you want to go. 

Dark and Moody 

A VSCO or moody look means that the photographer edits their images in such a way as to copy film imagery. They may also be a hybrid shooter that shoots both digital and film. Moody style might not be ideal for you if you like bold and bright colors and want your pictures to look exactly how you remember your wedding day. On the other hand, if you are searching for an interesting and artistic perspective of your wedding day, this style may be your best bet.  


You may like your wedding to be photographed with the same feel if you like the look of imagery in magazines such as Harper’s Bazaar, GQ, and Vogue. Editorial enables photographers to creatively shoot and over the top. Though you will not find candid moments in this type of photography, every single thing about this style looks sexy, edgy, and dramatic.  


An old-school photographer loves the staples of a wedding and will capture them for you with grace and art. You can expect a contemporary take on traditional photography. Usually, old-school wedding photographers concentrate on capturing the details that are vital to you. This includes deco, family pictures, and other photos that you may have on your shot list.  


The intention of being a photojournalist is to capture the wedding day as a whole without being interrupting. It isn’t about planned photos. This type of photography started in newspapers. Thus, if you hire a real photojournalist, you should not expect a lot of posed shots. This style of wedding photography might be ideal for you if you do not want to stage or pose.  

Fine Art 

This type of wedding photography is creating art actively while capturing your day’s story. Each moment has the possibility to become a photo that can be used to commemorate the event.  

One vital thing to keep in mind is that almost every photographer does not simply shoot one style. The truth is that most of them integrate a couple of various styles into their work. For them, it makes their job more fun. For you, it will make your photos more interesting. Thus, whenever you’re looking for wedding photographers, you should always keep this thing in mind.